Oncology & Cancer

New genetic test can improve ovarian cancer treatment

A genetic test developed in a study at the University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital identifies ovarian cancer patients who benefit from PARP inhibitors, a treatment option.

Oncology & Cancer

Novel T cell receptor therapy shows early anti-tumor activity

Afamitresgene autoleucel (afami-cel; formerly ADP-A2M4), an adoptive T cell receptor (TCR) therapy targeting the MAGE-A4 cancer antigen, achieved clinically significant results for patients with multiple solid tumor types ...

Oncology & Cancer

'Drug factory' implants eliminate mesothelioma tumors in mice

Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine researchers have shown they can eradicate advanced-stage mesothelioma tumors in mice in just a few days with a treatment combining Rice's cytokine "drug factory" implants and ...

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