Tackling inequalities in end-of-life care

Language barriers are resulting in people from South Asian communities experiencing more pain at the end of life, new research has found.


Why pain seems worse at night

As the song from the musical "Les Miserables," based on the novel by Victor Hugo, says, "But the tigers come at night, with their voices soft as thunder." We've all been miserable at night, when we find ourselves tossing ...


Use of VR during wide-awake surgery helps ease anxiety

Picture the breathtaking aerial view of Victoria Falls in Zambia—watch as water falling more than 300 feet into a seemingly endless abyss comes into focus and listen to the soothing sounds of soft music playing in the background. ...


Pain-related gamma-band oscillations reflect pain perception

When you go to the doctor, do you feel that your pain is accurately assessed? The doctor may ask you to describe your pain verbally or to fill in a questionnaire. Traditionally, these are the only ways available to assess ...


Why green light helps reduce pain in mice

A team of researchers at Fudan University's, State Key Laboratory of Medical Neurobiology and MOE Frontiers Center for Brain Science, Institutes of Brain Science, in China, has traced neural activity from the eyes to the ...

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