Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Pandemic tied to fewer concussion visits

(HealthDay)—The COVID-19 pandemic was associated with a decreased incidence of sports-related concussions, but patients with concussion were more hesitant to seek in-person care, according to a study published online Sept. ...

Overweight & Obesity

Sharp increase in BMI rates noted for children during pandemic

(HealthDay)—During the pandemic, sharp increases in body mass index (BMI) rates have been observed in children aged 2 to 19 years, according to research published in the Sept. 17 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

People under stress more sensitive to message tone

A study involving more than 88,000 people from 47 countries conducted in the early months of the global coronavirus pandemic found people are less willing to take risks than before the pandemic.

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