Study finds we can respond to verbal stimuli while sleeping

Sleep is not a state in which we are completely isolated from our environment: while we sleep, we are capable of hearing and understanding words. These observations, the result of close collaboration between teams at Paris ...


Detecting Parkinson's disease decades before symptoms appear

Researchers at The Florey and Austin Health have shown it is possible to detect tell-tale signs of Parkinson's disease 20–30 years before symptoms appear. Their work opens the door to screening programs and preventative ...


Sardine dish poisons to death diner in France

A woman has died from botulism after eating sardines at a Bordeaux restaurant and 12 other people, mostly foreigners, are being treated for the rare condition, French health officials said Wednesday.

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Q&A: Facial drooping in children

My husband and I recently noticed our 5-year-old daughter was having difficulty blinking and eating, and one side of her face was drooping. The pediatrician referred us to a plastic surgeon who diagnosed her with facial paralysis. ...


Infantile botulism: Look for these signs and symptoms

You have probably heard of food-borne botulism illness in adults, but there is a very rare version of botulism that occurs in infants as well. This illness poses different risks in infants than it does in adults, so it's ...

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Q&A: How to prevent Lyme disease this summer

The odds of contracting Lyme disease from tick bites during warmer weather months continue to rise. That's due to a series of factors, including changes in climate conducive to maintenance of tick populations over a longer ...

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Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function for one or more muscle groups. Paralysis can cause loss of feeling or loss of mobility in the affected area.

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