Medical research

Unveiling uremic toxins linked to itching in hemodialysis patients

Hemodialysis patients commonly experience itching on a daily basis, which is distributed throughout their bodies. A research team led by Dr. Yamamoto has found several uremic toxins that cause itching in hemodialysis patients. ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New oral compound may help prevent and treat osteoporosis

Parathyroid hormone can stimulate bone formation, and analogs of the hormone are often prescribed to patients with osteoporosis; however, these medications are only effective when administered by daily injection.


Tendon tissue plus parathyroid hormone reproduces a normal meniscus

The knee meniscus is an important tissue that protects the joint; if the meniscus is damaged—by sports injury or aging—it often does not heal on its own. There are two surgical methods for treating a torn meniscus: repair ...

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