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Five ways to develop children's talents

Some people think talent is born. The often-told story of Mozart playing piano at 3 and composing at 5 reinforces such beliefs.


Study reveals an ancient Achilles heel in the human genome

In a major study published today, researchers at deCODE genetics use whole-genome data from 14,000 people from across the population of Iceland, including 1500 sets of parents and children, to provide the most detailed portrait ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

If panic is treated in parents, also children feel better

Children of parents with anxiety disorders are more likely todevelop anxiety disorders than children of normal controls . This familial aggregation is due to genetic and environmental influences, whereas it can be assumed ...


Adolescence: When drinking and genes may collide

Many negative effects of drinking, such as transitioning into heavy alcohol use, often take place during adolescence and can contribute to long-term negative health outcomes as well as the development of alcohol use disorders. ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Don't blame parents for sins of the child

(HealthDay)—When the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were identified as two brothers—one of them a teenager—many parents wondered, "Who raised these boys?" Mental health experts say it's normal to want to blame ...

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