Can sleep protect us from forgetting old memories?

From lowering your risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease to improving your concentration and overall daily performance, sleep has been proven to play a critical role in our health. In a new study, researchers at University ...

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Planning for summer beach days? Docs share virus safety tips

Americans have never been more ready to get out of the house and bask in the sun. Warm-weather beach destinations are the most popular vacation searches, with Florida—particularly Key West—Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, ...

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Washington DC starts to reopen, but not everyone is ready

The nation's capital began its phased-in reopening Friday in fits and starts, with not everyone ready for even a limited return to pre-pandemic normality after a three-month-old stay-at-home order was lifted.

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Gloves and masks litter Middle East amid virus panic

While walking in Beirut during the coronavirus lockdown recently, Omar Frangieh was struck by the number of face masks and gloves littering the Lebanese capital.

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Bahrain turns car park into ICU for virus patients

Bahrain has turned a car park near the capital Manama into an intensive care unit with 130 beds for patients infected with the novel coronavirus, in a first in the Gulf.

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Virus death toll tops 100,000 as locked down Easter kicks off

The global coronavirus death toll topped 100,000 Friday as Easter celebrations around the world kicked off in near-empty churches with billions of people stuck indoors to halt the pandemic's deadly worldwide march.

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As coronavirus surge looms, field hospitals emerge across US

Convention centers, sports arenas, and parking lots from Los Angeles to Miami are being urgently converted into makeshift hospitals as authorities brace for a surge in coronavirus patients.

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Chicago uses hotels for quarantine to ease hospital demand

Hours before his first shift cooking for people with mild cases of COVID-19 who are being quarantined in a downtown Chicago hotel, Jose Gonzalez made a plan to protect his family from the coronavirus.

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