Keep Halloween spooky, but safe

(HealthDay)—Kids may encounter some scary surprises on Halloween, but they shouldn't get injured while they go trick-or-treating.


Revolutionary imaging technique for pediatric spine patients

For the first time, pediatric spinal patients in upstate New York have access to new imaging technology that dramatically decreases their radiation exposure while producing more precise images with better information for ...


Buckle up the right way: Motor vehicle child safety restraints

Supplemental child restraints should be used by all children through age 8. When appropriate child safety restraint systems—based on a child's age and weight—are in use during motor vehicle crashes, the rates of mortality ...


Children with ACL injuries require special treatment

Until a child's bones have fully matured (in girls, typically by age 14; in boys, age 16), an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)—the primary, stabilizing ligament of the knee joint—requires special consideration, ...