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France vows faster vaccine rollout after criticism

France promised on Tuesday to speed up COVID vaccinations, but failed to silence harsh critics who said the government's rollout was scandalously slow and inept.

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North Dakota governor changes tack and issues mask mandate

After months of resisting ordering the people of North Dakota to wear masks and limit the size of gatherings, the state's Republican governor relented in an effort to stem a coronavirus surge that is among the worst in the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why can't some people admit defeat when they lose?

When US President-Elect Joe Biden and Deputy Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris gave their victory speeches on Saturday evening, local time, the tally of Electoral College votes showed they had decisively passed the crucial ...

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Reopenings bring new cases in S. Korea, virus fears in Italy

South Korea's capital closed down more than 2,100 bars and other nightspots Saturday because of a new cluster of coronavirus infections, Germany scrambled to contain fresh outbreaks at slaughterhouses, and Italian authorities ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

'A bullet train': Virus peak may come soon, swamp hospitals

Gov. Andrew Cuomo sounded his most dire warning yet about the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday, saying the infection rate in New York is accelerating and the state could be as close as two weeks away from a crisis that sees 40,000 ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Menopause timing hard to determine in every third woman

Is it possible to investigate menopausal age, or not? In more than one in three women aged 50, the body provides no clear answer about the menopause, a University of Gothenburg study shows. Increased use of hormonal intrauterine ...

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