Unreliable neurons improve brain functionalities

The brain is composed of millions of billions of neurons that communicate with one another. Each neuron collects its many inputs and transmits a spike to its connecting neurons. The dynamics of such large and highly interconnected ...

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COVID can worsen quickly at home: When to call an ambulance

Most Australians diagnosed with COVID-19 recover at home, rather than in a quarantine facility or hospital. About 10% have required hospital treatment. However, a handful have had worsening symptoms, did not receive emergency ...


Who is being excluded by India's vaccination strategy?

Of the 376 million COVID-19 vaccine doses that India had administered as of July 12, men had received 202 million, while women had received only 175 million. This gender gap in vaccine rollout exceeds the extent to which ...


A redundant modular network supports proper brain communication

Recall a phone number, or directions just recited, and your brain will be actively communicating across many regions. It is thought that working memory relies on interactions between these regions, but how these brain areas ...


Balky sign-ups complicate virus vaccinations for blind, deaf

Unable to see, Carla McQuillan typically uses a program that converts the letters on a screen into audible words when she wants to read something online. The tool wouldn't work when she tried to schedule an appointment to ...


Always be ready for a trip to the ER

(HealthDay)—Accidents happen, and being prepared for an emergency room visit could help speed treatment and reduce anxiety if the need occurs, an expert says.

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