Medical research

Study shows limited diversity in psychophysiology trials

A new study from Oregon State University has found that psychophysiology studies show a significant lack of diversity among their participants, making their results less applicable across different communities and cultures.

Radiology & Imaging

Quantum technology for cancer imaging

Tracing the metabolism of tumor cells using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has not been feasible in routine clinical settings hitherto. Now, an interdisciplinary research team including the Technical University of Munich ...


Want to fire up the dance floor? Play low-frequency bass

To find out how different aspects of music influence the body, researchers turned a live electronic music concert into a lab study. By introducing levels of bass over speakers that were too low to hear and monitoring the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

No evidence as yet that people exercise less after office work

After a busy day at the office, many people collapse onto the sofa instead of getting some exercise. The mechanism behind this phenomenon is what Sven van As explored in his Ph.D. thesis, which he is defending at Radboud ...

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