How to take your temperature

Always use a digital thermometer to check your temperature. Because of the potential for mercury exposure or ingestion, glass mercury thermometers have been phased out and are no longer recommended.

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UK to open 4,000-bed virus field hospital in London

The British government said Tuesday it will open a 4,000-bed field hospital at a London exhibition centre as part of its plans to treat coronavirus cases.

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New York to shut down as it becomes next virus hot spot

New York City's mayor prepared Monday to order his city behind closed doors in an attempt to slow a pandemic that has swept across the globe and threatened to make the city of 8.5 million one of the world's biggest coronavirus ...

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Thailand to shut 'entertainment places' to fight virus

Thailand will shut venues that attract large crowds, like "entertainment places", sports arenas and schools in a bid to halt the spread of the deadly new coronavirus, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha announced Monday.

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Liberia confirms first coronavirus case

Liberia announced its first case of the novel coronavirus on Monday, becoming the 27th African country to confirm the illness.

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Big city, big worry: New Yorkers fret as bustling city slows

New Yorkers awoke Friday to find the coronavirus had left their famously bustling city with no Broadway, no basketball games, no big gatherings, and a populace unnerved by an ever-worsening crisis.

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