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EU virus recovery plan delayed by clashing visions

Delivery of a much-anticipated economic recovery plan for Europe has been delayed until the end of the month as EU officials struggle to reconcile the clashing visions of member states.

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How to prepare for a pandemic

The exact place, time and variety of disease currently gripping the world could not have been predicted. Yet we knew a pandemic of some kind was likely to strike eventually, and many of its likely characteristics have been ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Millions of US workers at risk of infections on the job

A University of Washington researcher calculates that 14.4 million workers face exposure to infection once a week and 26.7 million at least once a month in the workplace, pointing to an important population needing protection ...

Medical economics

Surprise billing found for visits to ambulatory surgery centers

(HealthDay)—After insurer payment, potential surprise bills to patients for out-of-network providers occur in 8 percent of episodes at in-network ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), according to a report published online ...


HIV risk messages aid use of family planning methods

Integrating HIV counseling into family planning services does not discourage couples from seeking injectable contraceptive methods, potentially paving the way for implementation of complex HIV counseling messages in healthcare, ...

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Preparation, quick action aid Germany, SKorea virus fight

Derided by many economists for years for insisting on a balanced budget and criticized for a health care system seen as bloated and overly expensive, Germany has found itself well equipped now to weather the coronavirus pandemic.

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Establish contingency plans to meet COVID-19 surge in urban areas

Experts from Philadelphia's Temple University Hospital have shared their contingency plans for meeting increased demand for hospitalization, as well as their protocols and training plans to minimize health care staff exposure ...

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