Medical research

Palmitoylation, a new target for anti-cancer drugs

Peripheral membrane proteins temporarily bind to cell membranes, a necessary step for them to be able to fulfill their biological function. To do this, certain enzymes that catalyze their lipid modification come into action. ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Antibody production in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

Antibody-secreting cells (ASCs) peaked at 3-4 weeks and were still being produced at 3-4 months in patients hospitalized with COVID-19, according to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Viral Immunology.


The immune system is very complicated, but now, it's on a chip

To quote veteran science writer Ed Yong's simple yet extremely accurate words in The Atlantic, "The immune system is very complicated." As the COVID-19 pandemic had made abundantly clear, science still doesn't fully understand ...

Medical research

Molecular response to traumatic injury characterized for first time

The first-ever, in-depth characterization of the body's response to traumatic injury was published today in Cell Reports Medicine by University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine physician-scientists. The results of their multiomics ...

Medical research

Potential therapeutic pathway to clear chronic viral infections

Chronic infectious diseases have a devastating effect on global health. When someone is suffering from a chronic viral infection such as HIV or hepatitis C, their B cells get altered resulting in low-quality antibodies that ...

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