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Coronavirus FAQs: Should I wear a mask? Can I get COVID-19 twice?

The global number of confirmed COVID-19 cases surpassed one million in early April, nearly doubling in a week. Instead of lifting or relaxing guidelines on physical distancing, we're seeing playgrounds cordoned off and school ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Coronavirus survivor: 'In my blood, there may be answers'

Tiffany Pinckney remembers the fear when COVID-19 stole her breath. So when she recovered, the New York City mother became one of the country's first survivors to donate her blood to help treat other seriously ill patients.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Can blood from coronavirus survivors treat the newly ill?

Hospitals are gearing up to test if a century-old treatment used to fight off flu and measles outbreaks in the days before vaccines, and tried more recently against SARS and Ebola, just might work for COVID-19, too: using ...


Fatal overproduction of antibodies

Bone marrow plasma cells produce antibodies. These comprise two long and two short protein chains. The pathological proliferation of plasma cells can lead to an overproduction of the short chains. These associate to fibrils ...

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