Cancer drugs show promise in preventing malaria

A potential new approach for preventing malaria is on the horizon with the discovery that drugs currently used to kill cancer cells can also kill malaria-infected liver cells.

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Discovery paves the way for blocking malaria transmission in Brazil

The bacteria that form the gut microbiota influence important processes of the human body, such as digestion, nutrient absorption, and defense against pathogens. The same type of relationship is present in most animals, including ...

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Malaria surges back in crisis-hit Venezuela

The sweltering heat of the Venezuelan forest makes no difference to Jose Gregorio, who trembles with a cold chill. "I have pain everywhere, fever," he stammers.

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A new approach to developing a vaccine against vivax malaria

A novel study reports an innovative approach for developing a vaccine against Plasmodium vivax, the most prevalent human malaria parasite outside sub-Saharan Africa. The study led by Hernando A. del Portillo and Carmen Fernandez-Becerra, ...

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New evidence supports radical treatment of widespread form of malaria

Darwin, Australia: A team of malaria experts from a large international research collaboration has published results supporting the need for a radical cure strategy to tackle one of the most debilitating forms of malaria ...

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Kidney dysfunction contributes to severe malaria

Understanding the most severe presentations of malaria is key to lowering the mortality associated with the infectious disease, which currently stands around 500,000 deaths a year. Researchers have now reinforced the idea ...

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