Medical research

Disposable blood warmer helps transfusions

When blood is needed for major trauma outside of a medical facility, the risk of hypothermia increases when a patient is transfused bags of blood taken directly from chilled storage. Flinders University researchers, knowing ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Hoping to avoid ticks this summer? There's an app for that

Summer is back and so are ticks—and the potential to get Lyme disease. With more people eager to be out in the woods after months at home, a Michigan State University researcher, who helped develop The Tick App, warns of ...

Medical research

Compact electronic nose to identify human lung diseases

Researchers from Russia and Italy have proposed a compact sensor system that can implement the functionality of an electronic nose device and have developed a reproducible technology for its manufacture. The device is a flexible ...

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Austria eases lockdown as global hopes mount for virus plateau

Austria cautiously eased confinement measures Tuesday as coronavirus deaths appeared to start levelling off in several hard-hit countries, though the world's top health body reignited warnings against lifting lockdowns too ...

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U-bend offers layer of protection against COVID-19

A set of tips and practical advice to help limit the potential spread of COVID-19 through internal plumbing, including running taps twice a day, has been published by a leading engineering academic.


Pain relief: When to use cold, when to use heat

(HealthDay)—Sore from a workout? You don't have to reach for pain relief medicine when ice or heat will help. But when should you go cold and when should you go warm?

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