Top athletes should sleep better—and they can

Top athletes are generally good sleepers. However, there is certainly still something to be gained in the field of so-called 'sleep hygiene,' and light therapy is a promising strategy for optimal sleep, concludes sleep expert ...

Sleep apnea

New study links poor sleep quality to atrial fibrillation

Poor sleep quality appears to be an important risk factor for atrial fibrillation, report scientists in the first study of its kind to demonstrate a relationship between poor sleep quality independent of sleep apnea and a ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Five die as plague resurfaces in Madagascar

Pneumonic plague has killed five people in Madagascar since August, a top health official told AFP on Thursday, but stressed the situation was under control.

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Australians get hepatitis A from Chinese berries

Nine Australians have contracted hepatitis A linked with eating contaminated berries from China, with the importer apologising Tuesday as the food scare spreads.

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Bubonic plague claims 32 lives in Madagascar (Update)

Bubonic plague, which wiped out a third of Europe's population in the Middle Ages, has reared its ugly head in the African island state of Madagascar where 32 people have died in a fresh outbreak of the so-called Black Death ...

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Bacteria forced Puerto Rico hospital unit closure

A Puerto Rican hospital's intensive care unit was recently closed following an outbreak of a resistant bacteria strain, health officials revealed Tuesday.

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Six human parasites you definitely don't want to host

Parasites are fascinating. They are uniquely adapted to survive, in some cases through very complex life cycles. There's also research to suggest that some may even change the behaviour of hosts to assist them in their quest ...


200-year-old medical manuscript given new life

An Aberdeen alumnus has brought back to life a work of an 18th century Aberdeen physician who discovered why many women were dying of infection during childbirth.

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