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Doctors map body's COVID-19 immune response: study

Researchers in Australia said Tuesday they had mapped the body's immune response to the novel coronavirus, in a potential breakthrough in the fight against the global killer.


Electronic drug administration record app cuts errors

(HealthDay)—Use of an electronic medication administration record (eMAR) application can reduce the rate of medication errors in medication administration recording (ME-MAR), according to a study published online April ...


Most doctors feel they are under-using mobile apps

(HealthDay)—Most physicians feel they are not maximizing use of mobile applications, and would utilize additional electronic health record (EHR) functionalities if they were available, according to poll conducted by Black ...

Medical research

Japan team create liver from stem cells: report

Japanese researchers have created a functioning human liver from stemcells, a report said Friday, raising hopes for the manufacture of artificial organs for those in need of transplants.