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WHO to reconvene monkeypox emergency committee

The World Health Organization said Wednesday it will reconvene its monkeypox experts to decide if the worsening outbreak now constitutes a global public health emergency—the highest level of alert.


UK 'reassured' EU will not block COVID vaccines

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Monday he was "reassured" EU leaders do not want blockades on vaccine exports, while Ireland's leader warned a threatened ban would be "very retrograde".

Medical research

Blood biomarker detects COVID-19 severity and enables early triage

Dr. Kulasinghe, from QUT Centre for Genomics and Personalised Health and School of Biomedical Sciences, delivered the findings to a special virtual meeting of the American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) on "COVID-19 ...

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Sanofi, GSK say COVID-19 shot won't be ready until late 2021

Drugmakers Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline said Friday that their potential COVID-19 vaccine won't be ready until late next year because they need to improve the shot's effectiveness in older people.


'Happy ending effect' can bias future decisions, say scientists

Humans are hard-wired to prefer experiences that end well, and the influence of previous experience declines the longer ago it happened. This means we can't always trust that choices we make based on previous experience will ...

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The role of T-cells in SARS-CoV-2 virus defense

Our immune system can efficiently fend off viral diseases. T-cells can directly destroy virus-infected cells and enable the formation of efficient, virus-neutralizing antibodies by B-cells. These two cell types also play ...

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