Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Scientists develop test that easily detects variants causing COVID-19

Rutgers scientists have developed a lab test that can quickly and easily identify which variant of the virus causing COVID-19 has infected a person, an advance expected to greatly assist health officials tracking the disease ...

Biomedical technology

A marker's felt nib proves to be an excellent medical sampler

Researchers from MIPT, Skoltech and IMPB RAS have developed a compact sampling probe that facilitates biological sample collection for ambient ionization mass spectrometry analysis. This kind of sampler can be effectively ...

Oncology & Cancer

Advancing our view at the subcellular level

In the field of scientific research, details matter. The minutia of processes and structures are explained with specificity, data points are reported to the most precise decimal and seeing is believing.

Oncology & Cancer

Researchers develop a smart probe for early tumor diagnosis

As 5-year relative survival rates differ greatly between cancer patients treated at early or late stages, early detection of tumors is of great importance to cancer therapy. Cathepsin B (CTSB) is considered as a potential ...

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