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Italy offers COVID vaccines to everyone over 12

Italy, one of the European nations hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, on Thursday opened vaccinations for everybody over the age of 12.

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Ireland to begin easing virus restrictions next month

Ireland will start to lift a three-month coronavirus lockdown next month, prime minister Micheal Martin said Tuesday, even if many of the restrictions will remain in place until May.


EU tightens rules on coronavirus vaccine exports

The EU on Wednesday tightened its rules on Covid-19 vaccine exports, making authorisations contingent on destination countries behaving fairly in return—particularly vaccine-producing ones.

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Vaccine rollout hampered in hard-hit northern Italy

The vaccine rollout in Italy's hardest-hit region has been badly hampered by faulty booking systems, media reported Monday, with at least one injection centre nearly empty at the weekend.


French data show 75% of AstraZeneca jabs unused

The French government was under pressure on Tuesday to accelerate its vaccination programme after new figures showed that three in four jabs delivered by AstraZeneca had gone unused.


How the brain is programmed for computer programming?

Expert computer programmers show higher proficiency in certain behavioral and attention skills than their novice peers. To identify the responsible brain regions, scientists used fMRI to analyze the brain activities of 30 ...

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