Biomedical technology

AI-based prosthetic socket developed to help thigh amputees

The Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), an institution under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and ICT, has succeeded in developing a smart, customizable prosthetic socket that automatically fills ...

Sports medicine & Kinesiology

Magnetic sensors to track muscle length

Using a simple set of magnets, MIT researchers have come up with a sophisticated way to monitor muscle movements, which they hope will make it easier for people with amputations to control their prosthetic limbs.

Health informatics

New study shows how prosthetics care in Cambodia is changing

Researchers from the University of Southampton are helping countries like Cambodia plan future prosthetics and orthotics (P&O) care, thanks to a new study showing how people who have experienced limb loss have changed over ...


Helping the body and brain welcome bionic limbs and implants

Not that long ago, the concept of the bionic human seemed far-fetched, but wearable robotic suits, brain-controlled extra limbs and mind-operated wheelchairs are now under active development. They bring the dream of human-machine ...

Biomedical technology

Stable electrodes for long-term, wearable brain-machine interface

Wearable medical devices are an important part of the future of medicine and a key focus of researchers around the world. They open the door for long-term continuous monitoring of patients outside of the medical setting to ...

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