Medical research

Detecting heavy metals in hair samples

South Africa is home to the largest known gold deposit on Earth, the Witwatersrand basin near Johannesburg. When mining the desired precious metal, harmful, toxic and radioactive mining waste comes to the surface as a byproduct. ...


12 safety tips to reduce ATV injury

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) offer adventure for riders, but parents need to be aware of the dangers when children are involved.

Oncology & Cancer

Sun protection misinformation still common

Many U.S. adults misunderstand how to protect themselves from the sun to reduce their risk of skin cancer, according to a survey released by the American Academy of Dermatology.


A better way to reduce child maltreatment

A first-of-its-kind national study has found that a special program adopted in many states to help some families at risk of child maltreatment has been surprisingly successful.

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