Oncology & Cancer

Preclinical trials of radiopharmaceutical for cancer diagnosis

A radiopharmaceutical labeled with the technetium-99 isotope for advanced identification of cancer is ready for a preclinical-phase trial. Scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University, Tomsk Research Institute of Oncology ...

Medical research

Engineering new bone growth

MIT chemical engineers have devised a new implantable tissue scaffold coated with bone growth factors that are released slowly over a few weeks. When applied to bone injuries or defects, this coated scaffold induces the body ...

Oncology & Cancer

Stopping cancer in its tracks?

We've come a long way in cancer treatments – we have powerful, effective drugs for many types of cancer and we're moving toward ever more specific, less invasive therapies. But the problem with cancer is that it's always ...

Medical research

Unique protein bond enables learning and memory

Two proteins have a unique bond that enables brain receptors essential to learning and memory to not only get and stay where they're needed, but to be hauled off when they aren't, researchers say.

Medical research

Dark matter DNA active in brain during day-night cycle

(Medical Xpress)—Long stretches of DNA once considered inert dark matter appear to be uniquely active in a part of the brain known to control the body's 24-hour cycle, according to researchers at the National Institutes ...


Newly discovered scaffold supports turning pain off

(Medical Xpress) -- Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered a "scaffolding" protein that holds together multiple elements in a complex system responsible for regulating pain, mental illnesses and other complex neurological ...

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