Safer dental procedures with new biosafety air curtain device

Researchers at the National Dental Research Institute Singapore (NDRIS) have developed a novel device that aims to limit the spread of aerosols generated during dental procedures, thereby lowering the risk of COVID-19 crosscontamination ...

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England quarantine rules being relaxed to avoid shortages

The British government has sought to ease food supply pressures in England by exempting more than 10,000 workers from quarantine rules that led to staff shortages and empty shelves and fears of panic-buying.

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A pandemic landscape of optimism and uncertainty

Throughout the pandemic, we have been checking in with Dr. Howard Forman, a public authority on COVID-19 and healthcare policy, to get his take on the fight against the virus. Nationally, infection rates are close to their ...

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Lambda coronavirus variant

The Lambda variant has been reported in Australia. Dr. Seshadri Vasan, CSIRO scientist and COVID-19 project leader, has been studying the evolution of SARS-CoV-2 since its emergence.

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