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Moving tiles as an unintrusive way to handle flashbacks

(Medical Xpress)—In a highly uncertain environment of floods, train, plane and car accidents, earthquakes, terrorist bombings and community displacement, one thing is certain: psychological trauma can result and does not ...


PTSD raises odds of heart attack and stroke in women

Women with elevated symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder consistent with the clinical threshold for the disorder had 60 percent higher rates of having a heart attack or stroke compared with women who never experienced ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Helping Japanese youth bounce back from disaster

University of Queensland experts are working with Japanese schools to help identify and reduce the long-term effects of trauma in children after a disaster.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why not all Sydney siege survivors will need mental health help

As the country reels from the Sydney siege and its unhappy end, many will be wondering what can be done for the hostages stuck for hours with the gunman in the Lindt café. The answer may be surprisingly little – especially ...

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