How parks and green spaces can improve your health

Parks and green spaces provide a variety of health benefits by promoting physical activity, connection to nature and opportunities for community engagement. Nature-based programs can even be prescribed by health care providers ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Here we go again: The BA.2 version of omicron

At this point in the pandemic, the public is understandably skittish about any news threatening to thwart our progress toward normalcy. Just as we learned that those who are vaccinated and boosted have good protection against ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Just because they're angry doesn't make them guilty

Computer equipment is missing from a company storage room. Of the three employees who have access, two respond calmly when questioned by management. A third yells and swears. Who is most likely guilty?

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Health equity: What it means and why it matters

The pandemic has been relentless for everyone, but it's hitting some of us harder. For instance, there is the man whose grocery store job puts him at higher risk for exposure to COVID-19; if he gets the virus, his diabetes ...

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