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How is Israel confronting the Omicron wave?

Israel's response to the COVID pandemic has been closely watched worldwide, notably for its rapid vaccine rollout and early decision to offer booster shots before there was broad scientific support for a third dose.

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Virus-hit Hong Kong considering lockdown: health chief

Hong Kong may impose a China-style hard lockdown that confines people to their homes, authorities signalled Monday, with the city's zero-COVID strategy in tatters and bodies piling up in hospitals.

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Israel to offer COVID jabs in schools to avoid closures

Israel said Monday it would offer COVID-19 vaccinations to students on school grounds as it announced the school year would open on time next week, despite surging coronavirus cases.

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Israel resumes indoor mask requirement amid virus spike

The Israeli health ministry reimposed a requirement Friday for masks to be worn in enclosed public places following a surge in COVID cases since it was dropped 10 days ago.

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Czechs partially ease lockdown; kids to return to school

The Czech government on Tuesday approved the first easing of its tight lockdown in one of the European Union's hardest-hit countries, allowing at least some children to return to school.


EU vaccine approval 'too slow': Austrian chancellor

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz on Monday criticised the EU's medicine regulator for being "too slow" in approving coronavirus vaccines as he outlined plans to co-ordinate more closely with Israel on future inoculations.

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Niger meningitis death toll rises to 129: minister

The death toll in a meningitis epidemic that broke out in January in Niger has reached 129, the health minister of the largely arid west African nation said Friday.

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