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Russia, Ukraine see record daily deaths, low vaccinations

The daily number of COVID-19 deaths in Russia hit another high Tuesday amid a surge in infections that has forced the Kremlin to order most Russians to stay off work starting this week.

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Russia marks another record number of daily COVID-19 cases

Russia reported another daily record of confirmed coronavirus cases Monday as a surge in infections has prompted the Kremlin to tell most people to stay away from work starting later this week.

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Russia's infections, deaths soar to new record high

Coronavirus infections and deaths in Russia climbed on Friday to another pandemic record high, putting an additional strain on the country's health care system.

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Moscow closing schools, many businesses as virus deaths soar

Restaurants, movie theaters and many retail stores in Moscow will be closed for 11 days starting Oct. 28, along with other new restrictions, officials said Thursday, as Russia recorded the highest numbers of coronavirus infections ...


Compulsory jabs: Pressure mounts on anti-vaxxers

As the United States requires companies to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested, we look at the growing number of countries coming up with measures to pressure people into getting jabbed against COVID-19.

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Denmark to lift all COVID restrictions by Sept 10

Denmark will lift all of its COVID-19 restrictions by September 10, health officials said Friday, saying the virus no longer posed "a threat to society" due to the country's broad vaccination coverage.

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