US buying 200 mn more doses of Moderna COVID vaccine

The United States has reached a deal to buy 200 million more doses of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, with the option to purchase variant-specific boosters that are in the pipeline, the biotech company said Wednesday.


Salad or cheeseburger? Your co-workers shape your food choices

The foods people buy at a workplace cafeteria may not always be chosen to satisfy an individual craving or taste for a particular food. When co-workers are eating together, individuals are more likely to select foods that ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Pandemic fears driving firearm purchases

Stress related to the coronavirus pandemic and the uncertainty of what the future holds is motivating people to purchase firearms, a trend that may be more prevalent in those who already own firearms, according to a Rutgers ...

Overweight & Obesity

How your BMI might affect your spontaneous food purchases

The degree to which spontaneous food purchases divert/attract attention may be related to your weight and the energy density of the food, according to a small, preliminary study using mobile eye-tracking technology to provide ...

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