Biomedical technology

Efficient fall detection based on smart insoles

Fall detection is a typical application of both medical expert systems and wearable expert systems. There are four primary types of falls, i.e., left-sided horizontal, right-sided horizontal, supine, and prone, whereas most ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Research probes how people control unwanted thoughts

When trying to avoid an unwanted thought, people often reactively reject and replace the thought after it occurs. But proactively avoiding an association in the first place can be much more efficient, and help prevent the ...


Sleepy athletes risk botched performance

Sleep-deprived athletes risk poor performances, with almost three-quarters falling short of desired slumber targets by at least an hour, a new study has found.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Science and performing arts against stereotypes

Stereotypes are knowledge structures integrated in our world representation, which have an influence on our decisions and which are hard to change. A team from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona (UB) ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Our attention is captured by eye-glance

Eyes play an important role in social communication by expressing the intentions of our interlocutors, and even more so in times of pandemic when half of the face is hidden. But is this eye contact automatic and rapid? Is ...

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