The pandemic had little impact on Canada's legal cannabis sales

The pandemic saw a boom in legal recreational cannabis sales across Canada. From March 2020 to February 2021, sales totaled $2.5 billion, double the $1.25 billion of the previous 12 months. Surveys likewise reported more ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Flowered steering: How well do drivers fare after smoking cannabis?

The steady rise in the use of cannabis—18 states have legalized recreational use, 13 have decriminalized its use and 36 have medical cannabis laws—has provoked myriad questions and concerns about public health implications, ...


New York looks to become America's next marijuana hub

Kaelan Castetter has plans for the unusued offices next to his factory: dedicate all 35,000 square feet of it to growing marijuana, which just became legal for recreational use in New York state.

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