Oncology & Cancer

Adjuvant alectinib improves disease-free survival in lung cancer

Adjuvant alectinib improves disease-free survival compared with platinum-based chemotherapy among patients with resected ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), according to a study published in the April 11 issue ...


Miscarriages linked to health risks in later pregnancies

New Curtin University research published in eClinicalMedicine has revealed a link between miscarriage and the increased risk of developing complications of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure-related disorders in ...

Medical research

Scientists develop a new type of anti-cancer agent

Many cancer therapies, in addition to producing numerous side effects, fail to achieve complete tumor remission, partly due to the presence of cancer stem cells, which are difficult to eradicate. These cells can self-renew ...

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