Stroke mortality set to increase to 9.7 million in 2050

Stroke mortality is projected to increase to 9.7 million deaths by 2050, according to a report issued by the World Stroke Organization-Lancet Neurology Commission on Stroke and published online Oct. 9 in The Lancet Neurology.


Few people with heart failure may get a critical type of care

Medicare coverage for cardiac rehabilitation for some people with heart failure was expanded almost a decade ago, and medical guidelines recommend it. Yet those who could benefit often don't get it, a new study finds.


Home-based cardiac rehabilitation may help people live longer

Participating in home-based cardiac rehabilitation after a heart attack or cardiac procedure was associated with a 36% lower likelihood of death from heart-related complications among U.S. military veterans within four years ...

Medical research

Decision guide clarifies indicators for swallowing consults

A multidisciplinary group at ECU Health Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina, developed a decision guide to provide health care teams with specific guidelines for swallowing care after extubation. The decision guide ...

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