Health informatics

Report highlights 'extraordinary era' of AI in health care

A surge in the amount of digital data in the health sector, together with increases in compute power and the availability of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools are leading to an explosion of AI being used in health care, ...

Oncology & Cancer

What causes breast cancer?

There is a lot going on within the field of breast cancer research. A new AI tool is trying to fine-tune the screening program, another one is helping pathologists make diagnoses. New drugs are approved. This could save more ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

An online tool for long COVID support

A website to support people living with long COVID is launched today, on Long COVID Awareness Day (March 15), by a research team led by a Southampton professor with first-hand experience of the condition.

Psychology & Psychiatry

A mental process that leads to putting off an unpleasant task

Putting off a burdensome task may seem like a universal trait, but new research suggests that people whose negative attitudes tend to dictate their behavior in a range of situations are more likely to delay tackling the task ...

Medical research

AI-supported image analysis: How metrics determine quality

More and more areas of medicine are relying on support from artificial intelligence (AI). This is particularly true for the wide range of questions based on the evaluation of image data: for example, doctors search mammograms ...


How a standard blood test can predict a heart attack

Using the results of a standard blood test and an online tool, you can find out if you are at increased risk of having a heart attack within six months. The tool has been developed by a research group at Uppsala University ...


A beating biorobotic heart aims to better simulate valves

Combining a biological heart and a silicone robotic pump, researchers created a biorobotic heart that beats like a real one, focusing on a valve on the left side of the heart. The heart valve simulator, presented on January ...

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