Low-tech—just what the doctor ordered

Medical equipment that can be manufactured at low cost, is simple to use and can be easily maintained will help extend surgery to the 5 billion people worldwide who currently cannot get access to it, say researchers.

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WHO: COVID origins unclear but lab leak theory needs study

Over two years after the coronavirus was first detected in China, and after at least 6.3 million deaths have been counted worldwide from the pandemic, the World Health Organization is recommending in its strongest terms yet ...

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Study shows trust in science predicts pandemic compliance

Trust in the scientific research community is the best predictor of a person's compliance with public health measures intended to prevent COVID-19, according to a study from The University of Alabama.

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Omicron: Better to be safe (and quick) than sorry

On discovering the omicron variant, many countries moved quickly to impose travel restrictions and other public health measures, such as compulsory mask wearing. But, given the lack of data, is this the best course of action?

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Most human genes have been featured in research about cancer

An analysis of PubMed papers has found that 87.7% of all human genes appear in at least one paper that also mentions cancer. In the analysis, appearing in a commentary publishing October 27th in the journal Trends in Genetics, ...

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