Oncology & Cancer

MRI scans improve prostate cancer diagnosis in screening trial

The REIMAGINE study, published today in BMJ Oncology, is the first study to use MRI scans with prostate specific antigen (PSA) density to assess the need for further standard NHS tests. Of the 29 participants found to have ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Data from wearables could be a boon to mental health diagnosis

Depression and anxiety are among the most common mental health disorders in the United States, but more than half of people struggling with the conditions are not diagnosed and treated. Hoping to find simple ways to detect ...

Medical research

'Scratch and sniff' test sheds light on depression

A five-minute test commonly used to evaluate olfactory function (sense of smell) could also help doctors screen for depression, according to new research out of King George's Medical University, India. The research was presented ...

Oncology & Cancer

Blood-based 'liquid biopsy' might spot early-stage cancers

An experimental blood test may be able to catch a dozen different types of cancer with a high degree of accuracy—including some that are particularly tricky to detect, a preliminary study suggests.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Not-so private eyes: Eye movements hold clues to how we make decisions

New research led by scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder suggests that eyes may really be the window to the soul—or, at least, how humans dart their eyes may reveal valuable information about how they make decisions.

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