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Influenza 'histone mimic' suppresses antiviral response

(Medical Xpress) -- For a virus like influenza, the key to success isn't in overpowering the immune system, it’s in tricking it. A team of researchers led by scientists at The Rockefeller University has identified a ...


New study draws connection between narcolepsy, influenza

The onset of narcolepsy appears to follow seasonal patterns of H1N1 and other upper airway infections, according to a new study of patients in China that was led by Stanford University School of Medicine narcolepsy expert ...

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Cell-based flu shot beats current vaccine: study

Flu vaccines made from lab-grown cells work at least as well as those derived from viruses cultivated in chicken eggs, the preferred method for 50 years, according to a study released Wednesday.

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Flu doesn't die out, it hides out

Every autumn, as predictably as falling leaves, flu season descends upon us. Every spring, just as predictably, the season comes to a close. This cyclical pattern, common in temperate regions, is well known, but the driving ...

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Of swine, birds and men -- pandemic H1N1 flu

Current research suggests that pandemic H1N1 influenza of swine origin has distinct means of transmission from the seasonal flu, yet does not result in the pathogenic severity of avian flu viruses. The related report by ...

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In pandemics of the past, caution for the future

A novel flu circulated in some American cities in April and May of 1918, causing mild illness and going largely unnoticed. It returned in September, and again in January, eventually killing more than 500,000 people nationwide.

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CDC: Workplace absenteeism high in 2017/2018 flu season

(HealthDay)—Workplace absenteeism during the high-severity 2017 to 2018 influenza season increased sharply in November and peaked in January, reaching a higher level than the average during the previous five seasons, according ...

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