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How to tell when someone's lying

(Medical Xpress) -- When someone is acting suspiciously at an airport, subway station or other public space, how can law enforcement officers determine whether he's up to no good?

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Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 makes it harder to contain

One of the more challenging aspects of the coronavirus pandemic has been the prevalence of asymptomatic cases, or people who are infected with the virus and can spread it to others but do not feel sick. In Iceland, where ...


China breaks up fake medicine racket

China said Friday it had busted a gang that produced and sold fake medicine -- some made of animal feed -- arresting 114 suspects and seizing more than 65 million counterfeit tablets.

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Security is the degree of protection against danger, loss, and criminals.

Security has to be compared and contrasted with other related concepts: Safety, continuity, reliability. The key difference between security and reliability is that security must take into account the actions of people attempting to cause destruction.

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