Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Arthritis drug shows promise against severe COVID: study

A repurposed arthritis drug has shown positive results in a clinical trial of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, according to a paper published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.


Belgium limits J&J vaccine to over-41s after woman dies

Johnson & Johnson's single-jab vaccine against COVID-19 will be limited in Belgium to people aged 41 and over, authorities said on Wednesday following the death of a woman who received the jab.


Norway drops AstraZeneca, offers J&J to volunteers only

Norway will drop AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine from its immunisation programme due to concerns over rare side effects, and offer Johnson & Johnson's jab only to volunteers while it remains suspended, the government announced ...


EXPLAINER: How COVID-19 vaccines will work for kids in US

Children ages 12 and older can now roll up their sleeves for COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S., offering parents and schools a chance to relax their pandemic precautions and bringing the country a step closer to controlling the ...


China issues total ban on synthetic cannabinoids

China on Tuesday said it will add all synthetic cannabinoids to its list of banned drugs, in what it described as a first in the world, to curb their manufacturing, trafficking and abuse.

Medical research

Scientists find mechanism that eliminates senescent cells

Scientists at UC San Francisco are learning how immune cells naturally clear the body of defunct—or senescent—cells that contribute to aging and many chronic diseases. Understanding this process may open new ways of treating ...

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