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Researchers see increasing virus cases via Stockholm wastewater

An analysis of Stockholm's wastewater showed an uptick in coronavirus cases in September to a level comparable to May, researchers said Monday, enabling them to conclude the rise was not due to increased testing.

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Indian city on alert as polio strain found in sewage water

A city of nearly 7 million people in southern India has declared a "high alert" for polio after an active strain of the virus was found in samples of sewage water, an official said Wednesday.

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Are multidrug-resistant bacteria spread through sewage water?

Antibiotic-resistant intestinal bacteria enter the environment through toilets and sewage water treatment plants. Some multiply or survive there or transfer their genes to other microorganisms. People can be colonized with ...

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Zimbabwe warned on risk of cholera outbreak

Human Rights Watch on Tuesday warned that Zimbabwe's capital Harare was at risk of repeating a cholera outbreak five years ago that killed over 4,200 people.


Why climate change is causing upset stomachs in Europe

Much has been said about the effect of climate change, but little is known about its impact of water-related health issues. Scientists are now suggesting that greater quantities of rainfall and bigger storms could be responsible ...

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Ten years on, the SARS outbreak that changed Hong Kong

With its bustling streets, shops and busy restaurants, little suggests that ten years ago Amoy Gardens was on the front line of Hong Kong's battle with a virus that caused a global health crisis.

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