Exploring how uncertainty motivates actions in epidemics

In an epidemic, we often focus on three staple metrics: Who does or doesn't have the disease, the rate at which people are contracting the disease, and the mortality rates. What's often left out, as explored in a new book ...


Let's talk low libido

It may feel uncomfortable to talk about low libido with your partner and your health care team. Unfortunately, it's a common problem that affects adults everywhere, yet many people have never been asked about their sexual ...

Gerontology & Geriatrics

Your sex life doesn't have to suffer during menopause

Our bodies are a stew of hormones and chemicals and enzymes and all sorts of exotic-sounding ingredients. For many women, this concoction bubbles along happily right through menopause.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why some military veterans may be more at-risk of PTSD symptoms

Service members deployed to conflict zones may be at greater risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder if they were physically, emotionally or sexually abused in childhood. This, along with other findings from a new ...

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