Sports medicine & Kinesiology

You can prevent sports overuse injuries

"Move it or lose it" the saying goes, but too much exercise or playing sports can lead to overuse injuries.


Why does my shoulder ache?

If you find yourself rubbing your shoulder after reaching up to take a coffee mug off the shelf, hammering in a nail just over your head or climbing into a pickup cab, you're among millions of Americans—particularly those ...


Tips to help a frozen shoulder

Pain and stiffness in your shoulder can make every activity, including sleep, difficult. Worsening shoulder pain, especially at night, could mean you have a frozen shoulder, says Dr. Christopher Camp, a Mayo Clinic orthopedic ...

Arthritis & Rheumatism

Elite sports linked with osteoarthritis risk

Competing at the elite level in sports is linked with an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis and joint pain in later life, a study suggests.


Rotator cuff regeneration: Potential breakthrough treatment

A new way to regenerate muscle could help repair the damaged shoulders of millions of people every year. The technique uses advanced materials to encourage muscle growth in rotator cuff muscles. UConn Health researchers reported ...

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