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Los Angeles offers virus tests to all, still has unused kits

With ample coronavirus tests and not enough sick people seeking them, the mayor of Los Angeles recently did something on a scale no other major U.S. city had done—allow anyone with or without symptoms to be tested as often ...


What to know about COVID-19 and organ donation

Nearly 1,000 people in Kentucky are waiting life-saving organs, and the transplant team at the University of Kentucky Transplant Center perform over 200 transplant surgeries a year. Hospitals around the world are adapting ...

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Mayo Clinic expert answers questions about COVID-19 testing

There has been a lot of attention given to COVID-19 testing. Mayo Clinic Laboratories has developed two different kinds of tests: one to determine if someone is actively infected with COVID-19, and another to determine if ...

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The ethics of developing COVID-19 treatments and vaccination

Researchers and doctors around the world are in a race to save lives, not only through caring for patients sick with COVID-19, but in the hunt to discover an effective treatment or vaccine. In the rush to do science quickly, ...

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With coronavirus a threat, stop wearing contact lenses

(HealthDay)—Even if you're already wearing a face mask to cover your mouth and nose, taking steps to protect your eyes might also help guard against coronavirus infection, eye health experts say.

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Coronavirus patients rush to join studies of Gilead drug

The new coronavirus made Dr. Jag Singh a patient at his own hospital. His alarm grew as he saw an X-ray of his pneumonia-choked lungs and colleagues asked his wishes about life support while wheeling him into Massachusetts ...

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