Psychology & Psychiatry

Dermatology and mental health: Study links psoriasis to OCD

In an ongoing effort to better understand possible links between skin conditions and mental health, researchers at Yale School of Medicine have discovered an association between psoriasis and obsessive-compulsive disorder ...


Skin of color underrepresented in AI programs in dermatology

Challenges relating to artificial intelligence (AI) in dermatology and its application to skin of color (SOC) are partly due to underrepresentation of SOC in datasets, according to research published online March 6 in the ...

Inflammatory disorders

Eczema website delivers for patients and the NHS

A website that helps people with eczema to manage their symptoms could be saving the NHS hundreds of thousands of pounds, according to new research by the University of Southampton.


Examining diabetes with a skin scanner and AI

Changes in small blood vessels are a common consequence of diabetes development. Researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Helmholtz Munich have now developed a method that can be used to measure these microvascular ...

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