Predictors ID'd for successful removal of mechanical ventilation

(HealthDay)—Mechanically ventilated patients who pass a spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) and are extubated reach a higher level of wakefulness, indicated by a higher odds ratio product (ORP), according to a study published ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Light therapy shows moderate benefits for cognitively impaired

(HealthDay)—For cognitively impaired individuals, light therapy has a moderate effect on behavioral disturbances (BDs) and depression, and a small effect on sleep quality, according to a meta-analysis published online July ...


Recovery from brain injury and better sleep go hand in hand

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI), people also experience major sleep problems, including changes in their sleep-wake cycle. A new study shows that recovering from these two conditions occurs in parallel. The study is ...


The yin and yang of sleep and attention

Being able to pay attention during the day relies on doing the exact opposite at night, according to University of Queensland scientists.

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