Psychology & Psychiatry

We all feel disgust but why do some of us turn it on ourselves?

Disgust is a universal emotion – we all get disgusted by things, just as we all experience other "basic" emotions, such as happiness and sadness. Disgust has many functions. It protects us from products that might cause ...

Oncology & Cancer

Swedish model for PSA testing has little effect on mortality

The spontaneous PSA testing that has been applied in Sweden in recent decades has only had a marginal effect on mortality. An organized screening focused on those who have the most to gain would, however, reduce the risk ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Could the Pap smear be ousted by HPV testing?

A Pleasanton firm that received FDA approval for a test against cervical cancer said it has gained the support of a panel of medical experts to use the test as a frontline screening for women as young as 25, but the announcement ...

Oncology & Cancer

One in 10 US women miss cervical cancer screenings

Eight million US women have not been screened in the last five years for cervical cancer, even though regular checkups can help prevent the fatal disease, US health authorities said Wednesday.

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