Does team bonding help athletes endure more pain?

Few sports do relentless, tortuous agony quite like rowing – and few rank higher on loyal, bonded camaraderie. Why do painful sports and team bonding go so well together?

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Does chronic pain run in families?

Can an increased risk of chronic pain be transmitted from parents to children? Several factors may contribute, including genetics, effects on early development, social learning, and more according to a report in the journal ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Psilocybin reduces psychological pain after social exclusion

Social problems are key characteristics in psychiatric disorders and are insufficiently targeted by current treatment approaches. By applying brain imaging methods, researchers at the University of Zurich now show that a ...


Chronic abdominal pain often linked to psychological dysfunctions

Gastrointestinal disorders are often linked to psychological dysfunctions and can be explained by a malfunction of the communication between bowels and brain, as has been shown by a research project funded by the Austrian ...

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