New study answers the question: Is anyone truly healthy?

A new long-term study of population-level data shows that when it comes to health, pretty much everyone could make improvements, plus the relationship with risk factors and mortality changes over time, sometimes in surprising ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Recognizing addiction won't stigmatize all gamers, say researchers

"Some clinicians argue that the gaming addiction label might create stigma toward regular gamers, by conveying the idea that gaming is inherently harmful," says Flinders University's Associate Professor Daniel King. "It's ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

New study sheds light on breastfeeding challenge

One in five women experience feelings of aversion during breastfeeding, according to a new Australian study, suggesting the phenomenon is more prevalent than previously recognized.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Taking the stigma out of mental health reporting

Mental health stigma refers to the negative attitudes, beliefs and misconceptions that society holds about people with mental illness. Despite considerable advances in awareness and understanding, mental health stigma is ...

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